You are my sunshine….

Well hello folks, how are you doing? Ok, I hope. So, this is the second bank holiday since my last blog and Easter has been and gone, yet it’s not quite a month. I have to admit it does seem like a lot longer, but I think that has to do with my pawly dog and all that is going on with him, not to mention healing from my dental op.

Anyway, enough doom and gloom – whatever is going on Crafting is always my sanctuary and today I wanted to share a card I recently made.


It’s for a friend who is feeling very down at the moment and her Mum asked if I would make a card to remind how special she is. She loves big, bold, bright colours and nature, so when I saw the base card colour I knew it was perfect for her, especially with ‘You are my sunshine’. I like to think if I had ever had children they would make me feel on cloud nine.

So, to make it I used a Hunkydory kit I have had for some time. Now I don’t know how you feel, but, I have heard crafters saying that using kits is not crafting and I have to tell you I disagree. Crafting is people having a go and having fun, no matter whether they want to use kits alone, enhance kits as I have here, or not use kits at all. I do plenty of crafting without kits and plenty with them, and the beautiful background card design I have here, with adorable scorable card is hard to find outside of any kit. I think it is a great shame when crafters set rules and put people in boxes, as far as I am concerned anything goes, use what you will, do what you want and have fun, yes I get that for many people it’s a way of making a living, but live and let live folks and remember why you first started crafting.

Phew, where did that come from!!!! Enough said I think and moving on. After choosing the background card and a couple of sentiments I set about using some gorgeous ombre card I recently got from Hunkydory, as the deep orange went so well with the yellow of the background. I could have just gone yellow and orange, but there is a tiny hint of green in the images, so I added in some strategically placed green to break up the wow brightness and I think it works well.

I wanted it to be a happy, uplifting card so what better sentiment than ‘you make my heart sing’ to sit alongside the ‘Sunshine’!

You may have noticed by now that I like lots of depth to my cards, 3D if you like, so I used a little piece of folded card to get the lift under my toppers on the flat section of the card. Once I had the three focal points stuck down where I wanted them, all that was left was to embellish, pad out and decorate the card to suit the theme I was going for. In this case I went for spring blooms and butterflies, from Tattered Lace, finished with pearl drops, to really enhance the feel good factor. So, what do you think?  I hope you like it.

Well, that’s it from me folks. Thank you, as always, for your support and for dropping by, if you haven’t already done so,  please do subscribe. I would also really appreciate it if you could please leave a comment either using the tab above, emailing me at or via any one of the social media links below. And until next time – Happy Crafting 😊 xx

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Nursery rhymes kit

Hi Folks, well it’s been a while and I hope you are keeping ok. I can’t believe we are already in April, my last blog being Mid February and at quite a sad time for me. Alfie and I are muddling through and part of the silence since my last blog has been down to embarking on an exciting new venture. My online store, yeahhhhhhh!! It’s called and, as well as cards and gifts, I will also be selling my card kits on there, beginning with this one.

Nr Kit

I have wanted to do a Nursery Rhyme range for ages now and think there are sooo many applications for this kit. Yes, I see cards, but also lovely little shadow boxes etc for nurseries and playrooms. And as I seem to say quite often these days – the only constraint is your imagination, so have fun. How sweet will the goodies you make be with this kit be and how lovely would it be to craft using it with your little helpers. As you can probably guess I have never had children so this is my excuse to play around with all the cute dies etc relating to nursery rhymes.

Nr Kit 4

So, what is in the kit?

  1. Set of 6 blank cards and envelopes (6×6 inches);
  2. 6 background papers;
  3. 6 x Nursery rhyme toppers including:
    • Hickory Dickory Dock;
    • Mary had a little lamb;
    • Baa baa black sheep;
    • This little piggy;
    • Hey diddle diddle; and
    • Humpty Dumpy.
  4. Approximately 29 die cuts.

NR Kit 2

I think you’ll agree that’s a good size kit, full of lovely die cuts and toppers and yes, the Eagle eyed amongst you will notice that the 3 little pigs isn’t a Nursery Rhyme, but the dies are so sweet I included them with an open book die cut reading ‘Once upon a time’, which I think works well. One thing is for sure – you can definitely make way in excess of the 6 cards included. There are so many possibilities, so enjoy and create.

Nr Kit 3

Well, that’s it from me folks. Thank you, as always, for your support and for dropping by. I really would appreciate it if you could leave a comment about this blog and if you would like to buy this card kit then please either:

  1. Shop at;
  2. Use the contact tab at the top of the page;
  3. Send an email to; or
  4. Contact me via any of the social media links at the bottom of this page.

I know you will be very happy with the kit and I cannot wait to see what you make, so please do send me photos and I will put them up on here and my Facebook page and until next time – Happy Crafting 😊 xx

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Animal Magic

Hi Folks, thanks for joining me today. So, how are you? Keeping well I hope and maybe even all loved up with Valentines only a few hours away! This year it’s just me and my little furball, Alfie. Who am I kidding every year it’s the same – me and the dog, the only change being the number of dogs.


Right then, some of you may know from my FB page, (thank you so much to those of you who left messages – I was overwhelmed at the amount of kindness) that I recently lost one of my little furballs, Milly, almost a year to the day after I lost another, Bertie Boy. I have been coping by having lots of cuddles with my one remaining furball, Alfie, and making some pet cards. The one above I am keeping as I made it in memory of my late furballs, however those below I have decided to offer as my latest card kit for anyone who is interested.


What do you get in the kit? Well it probably won’t surprise you, from looking at the picture above, that this particular kit consists of 6 cards and envelopes. The cards being:

  • 4 x 6 inches square (2 blank, 1 cut out and 1 embossed);
  • 1 x 5 inches square (blank for papering); and
  • 1 x DL (3.9in × 8.2in) blank for papering.

Each kit also comes with blank papers, approximately 40 die cuts, not including all the tiny butterflies, and where embellished with pearl drops, crystals, googly eyes etc these will already be attached to the appropriate die cut.

The stamped sentiments will also already be done and the sentiments are as follows:

  • ‘Pets make paw prints in our hearts’ x 2;
  • ‘Best friends come in all shapes and sizes’ x 2;
  • ‘You are totally pawsome’ x 1; and
  • ‘Every bunny needs some bunny sometime’ x 1

The cards are left blank inside and don’t forget – you can mix and match your die cuts etc as you please and with your own added or not, my examples are just that – ideas of what you can do with the kit. Let your imagination go wild!

How much? Sold as individual card kits each one would be £2.95, a total of £17.70 and if you want to buy individual card kits that is fine, do just ask. However the complete kit of 6 cards, cut and embossed, plus papers, stamped sentiments and 40+ die cuts is £12.50 + 95p postage and packaging. Each kit comes in its own presentation box, so it would also make a great gift and on top of that I am also offering a mystery free gift with each kit – a handbag card kit complete with full instructions, die cuts and embellishments. Which handbag you get and what colour is the mystery!

A real bargain without the free gift, what a bonus!

Well, that’s it from me folks. Thank you, as always, for your support and for dropping by. If you would like to buy a card kit then please contact me via the contact sheet on here, sending an email to or clicking on the links below. I would also really appreciate it if you could please leave a comment through the same options. I think you will be very happy with the kit and I cannot wait to see what you make, so please do send me photos and I will put them up on here and my Facebook page and until next time – Happy Crafting 😊 xx

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In the pink…..

Hi Folks and thanks for joining me. It’s been a little while since my past blog and so much has happened, most of which I think I will gloss over. Suffice to say 2017 can surely only get better. Not everything is bad though, I have you guys for company and support and month after month, week after week, day after day even, new and beautiful craft items are being brought to us from various companies out there. One thing I am in love with is the beautiful Ombre card that I recently purchased from Hunkydory. The colours are amazing and I guess I almost feel lazy as the impact from the card on its own and the gradual colour change has a wow factor all of its own before you even start to embellish it. This is great and lends itself to minimal effort if you need/want to do a quickie card, yet at the same time you can go all out if you want to and you know me folks, 9 times out of 10 I want to…lol 😉

Ok, so what am I waffling about? Ombre is one of the latest crazes and is used in crafting, hair dressing, all kinds of areas these days and basically is a gradual change from one colour into another. I have done it myself before now using inks, but how exciting to have it in good quality card stock and the 2 cards I made below, just the basic card blanks, were cut from one A4 sheet, so you see a little can also go a long way. Important for a crafter – right?!

As well as the card I recently treated myself to a number of new dies and wanted to try them out and the Ombre card arriving gave me the perfect opportunity. The only dilemma I had was which colour to choose first as they really are gorgeous. That said this colour to me just shouted out spring into summer, nice relaxing hazy days of sunshine, spot on for what I had in mind.

I won’t lie to you – I had originally thought a complete A4 sheet for each card, however once I had scored it I wasn’t so keen on the shape and had an idea and thankfully it worked, well I think it did, what do you think?


The first card was the stylish young lady, by Tattered Lace, and the sentiment die by Couture Creations Intricutz. I thought they went well together and I finished the card off with the edging and a few butterflies, plus a rose die I have had quite a while, but never used, also Tattered Lace. As always, I embellished the flowers and butterflies with liquid pearls. I think it makes such a difference and really lifts the card. I hope you do too.

On a roll now I moved on to the next card and as I have a few of these different sentiment dies I decided to make a Card Collection from them, so 2 down and watch this space. I had this lovely image in my head of a care free summers day in the park and I knew exactly which dies I wanted to use. I also thought I would incorporate ‘Family’ into it with the trees and the sentiment linking well in my mind, Family Tree and ‘enjoy the little things’ as we get so caught up and swept along these days we take each other and things for granted and, as I learnt last week, we don’t have forever so make the most of today and each other. No, that’s not me preaching, that’s just me explaining my inspiration for the card.


Looking at this I can literally feel the breeze as I am swinging through the air and the bird song in the background as I relax and read my book with the warm sun on me. Those were the days eh?! Just as with the previous card I finished off this one with little bird and flower details embellished with liquid pearls. I hope you like it.

Well, that’s it from me folks. Both these cards are available to buy and can be purchased in kit form too. Thank you, as always, for your support and for dropping by. I would really appreciate it if you could please leave a comment and if you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch with me via the contact sheet on here or clicking on the following links:

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New beginnings


Hi Folks, well it’s already 14th January 2017 and only my first blog of the year, so a slightly belated Happy New Year. I hope you have a happy and healthy year ahead.

So, what has happened since my last post? Well Christmas, New Year, my Dad turned 70 (so hard to believe and he looks great) and I am now 43 – only just mind!!!! Lol Christmas and New Year are such a busy and expensive time in our family – plenty more of us, and my friends, have birthdays in that time period. That also means we are all Capricorns which gets pretty interesting, especially as we are all perfectionists and know best……

Ok, so I wanted to share a couple of Wedding/Anniversary cards with you today. I was asked for a Golden Wedding Anniversary card and then I must still be feeling all romantic, as well as having scraps to use, as I then made a Wedding Card and another which I suppose could be for a number of occasions linked to love and we do have Valentines coming next. Soon be Christmas again at this rate………😜 Sorry, I shall wash my mouth out!!!


This is an 8×8 inch card and I needed to do something special and at the same time keep the card limited to how much space it would take up for posting, so as you can see from the photos above, I went for making the most of the space in and out. I chose to do understated elegance on the front and then used all the space within before finally composing a verse to go on the back and making a matching envelope.


I do like to try different shapes and styles and, despite having a love of screens and having several at home, I have never made a screen one. So I did…! I had an A3 piece of patterned card which I chopped down to be an 8×8 inch size and scored at 4, 8 and 12 inches across the card, giving me my 4 screen sections. Then to make the feet I took a square die I had and cut out half a square from each section. I think I would like the feet more ornate but for a first attempt I am happy.

I then went ahead and, using all the off cuts from the first card made, cut out the pieces for this card, attached them with glue and foam squares, before finishing off with gold liquid pearls. Believe it or not though I still had some bits left over, not to mention the section of card I had cut off the top of the A3 sheet when cutting it down to 8 inches high, so I made a further card using it.


Given that this was the top cut off the A3 card this card measures just 3.69 inches high, but is still 16 inches wide, as the previous one. It works well though putting the detailing on the top. Even with the edging this card will fit in a standard envelope, unlike the previous one for which I had to make one, not that I am complaining. It’s just as well this was smaller though as I was getting to the ends of my off cuts.

It didn’t take me long to decide which dies I was going to use on this card – I was determined to use my new die, with the letter box and love birds and as I was sticking to the romance theme I thought my little boy and girl die set perfect. I chose to leave this one open for occasion, so it could be wedding, anniversary, valentines or just because, which then gave me the opportunity to use, my favourite sentiment die of the moment ‘Faith, Hope, Love’. I like the words, the flow, everything about it.

As I was coming to the end of the cut offs I padded out the card with plain ivory, which matched perfectly, and at the same time gave me just the right contrast on the card. The new die I used turned out to be absolutely perfect for this card, not to mention just as gorgeous as I envisaged it. The design meant I could attach it to just one of the main hearts, yet have it overlapping the other, so it gives the impression of being attached, but can easily be folded flat for putting away or placing in an envelope.  Yeahhhhhhh!! And that’s it really, a little matting and layering with the hearts, some glue, some adhesive foam pads and some liquid pearls and that’s it done. I hope you like them.

That’s it from me folks. Thank you, as always, for your support and for dropping by. I would really appreciate it if you could please leave a comment and if you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch with me via the contact sheet on here or clicking on the following links:

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Happy Christmas folks..

Hi Folks, how are you? Well I guess it’s either relaxed, smug, organised and ready for Christmas or a mad, chaotic, last minute Christmas panic. I was the latter. Must admit I have only ever managed once to be organised well in advance and I did feel very smug and pleased with myself. Nowadays though it just seems to sneak up and get you…

Ok, seeing as how Christmas cards have been everywhere on social media, on here too, I have decided it won’t be a Christmas card for my Happy Christmas blog. Instead I am opting for a Wedding card I have just made for a December wedding. Hope you like it.


I didn’t go or festive colours as I was asked for a wedding card for a Cinderella style wedding, so of course I went with the Fairytale ‘Happily ever after’ feel.


I must admit I do like this shape of card, so I use it quite often for special cards, as it gives an opportunity to tell a story and you can include so much detail. I don’t always put the edging across the top, but this occasion called for it and I think it finishes the card well. Thankfully so did the person who asked for it. Anyhow, enough waffle. To get this style simply take your choice of card, this is an 8×8 inch card, and score down the middle of what would be the front of the card if used normally. So that would be at the 4 inch point for me. Then fold the card back on itself along that line and there you have it. Sometimes I will graduate the height, sometimes I won’t, it works both ways and depends how you feel. You go with what works for you.

Being asked to do Cinderella style and a wedding card is great fun for me as I can go all out on the romantic, pink, princess, floral design so I chose a light pink/peach lustre paper for the background and went with a rose embossed design to compliment it. I could then use various shades of pink, peach and white to build up the layers of the card including the floral bouquets.

I was very fortunate with this card in that I had only very recently, say 3-4 weeks ago bought both the word dies and the bride and groom. I got them together in a sale, I do like a bargain, thinking that I would get to use them at some point and whilst I didn’t think it would be so soon, it’s always nice to try new dies out for the first time. I also got to use some real favourites too, so I was happy.

I’m not sure there’s much more to say except I kept the colour palette similar through out in the paler spectrum of pink with a burst of contrast in each section from the bright pink shade. And of course, as always, I have finished off with liquid pearls. I really do believe this attention to detail when embellishing makes all the difference, but, as with all things crafty, it’s a personal preference.

Well, that’s it from me folks. I wish you a wonderful, magical Christmas and a Happy, healthy New Year. Thanks for your support and for dropping by. I look forward to seeing you here in 2017. I would really appreciate it if you could please leave a comment and if you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch with me via the contact sheet on here or clicking on the following links:

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Winter wishes

Hi Folks, how are you? Keeping well I hope and enjoying this bizarre weather. It’s gone from freezing to balmy, I wonder what it will be next? Not sure we will get to make any of these guys, in the card I wanted to share with you, but you never know…..


So, it’s been a few weeks since my last blog and in that time I have fallen several times, the worst dislocating a couple of joints, preventing me from having a stall at a Craft Fayre for a cause close to my heart, cut myself with scissors, stabbed myself with my pokey tool, both accidental…!!!!, dropped numerous things, too many to mention, and sent a couple of cups of tea flying, one on my craft desk and the other, thankfully luke warm, just missed Milly, if she had been lying in the opposite corner of her bed than she was, she would have been soaked. Well now, those are the things I have done, now for the ‘have nots’!! I have not even started my Christmas cards or shopping yet and yes, I am starting to panic……arghhhhh!! lol


Anyway, enough of that. Another week should see me clear and then I can get sorted. I’m itching to get the Christmas decorations and tree up. Oh one more thing, absolutely worth mentioning, I had a visit from a wonderful Facebook friend, so kind of her to drive some 3hrs distance to see me, along with Hubby and Pooch. I really have met some amazing friends through Facebook and crafting and they never fail to surprise me.

Ok, ok, this time I won’t be sidetracked – I just wanted to share a recent make with you. I’ve been teasing you with close up shots and the full card is in the pic below. It’s a 6×6 inch card, cut and styled to make the most of the whole surface area, with an insert to the back. It seems to be a very popular style I do and I personally think it is my favourite, there is so much scope and to illustrate this I shall pop some pictures of this same style I have used with other makes at the end of this blog.


As with all the cards I make, I had great fun. I was asked for a specific ‘Special Friend’ wording for the front and a blue, white, silver colour scheme, the rest however was up to me. I hope you like it. It’s a mix of old festive dies and the latest designs. I also got to use my favourite festive die, the holly by Cheery Lynn. A very basic plain die you may think, for me though it’s so stylish and really is the difference between a finished and unfinished project. My only regret is they didn’t do 2 opposing corners, so you would get an exact mirror image, whereas with just the one the end flourish is not a mirror image. You can get round this by chopping the flourish bit off and just having the 3 leaves, but the flourish is what makes it stand out? I hope that makes sense. It does in my head….lol

To make this I used the following dies:

  • Cheery Lynn: Holly;
  • Tattered Lace: Bauble, Snowman, Bow; Pin dot nesting squares;
  • Creative Expressions: Winter Wishes;
  • Creative Dies: Nesting Stars;
  • Amy Designs: Christmas Greetings Square cut out;
  • Memory Box: Bells.

These were cut in a variety of Centura (Hint of Silver) pearlescent card, silver mirri card and a paper from the Mirabelle Collection, as well as the blue festive paper from my craft stash. 2 faux pearl embellishments were added to the holly die cuts and liquid pearls were used on the bells. Everything, except the backing papers, was stuck down using foam pads, to give extra depth to the card, yet ensuring it is still very simple to fold and post, fitting into a standard 6×6 inch envelope.


That, as they say, whoever they may be, is that and I just wanted to draw your attention to the card pictured above. This is exactly the same fold, however instead of standing it up on its edge, it is placed on its back and becomes an easel card of sorts, another popular design. The slideshow below shows some other cards made with the same type of fold. I hope you like them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As always, thanks for dropping by. I would really appreciate it if you could please leave a comment and if you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch with me via the contact sheet on here or clicking on the following links:

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Mirri Christmas (Monthly card kit)

Hi Folks, how are you doing? OK I hope and not caught up in some of this horrendous weather we have been having, my thoughts go out to all those affected. We felt the wind and hail, but were a few miles away from the worst of it. Reminded me of the bad storms a couple of years ago – we had trees down everywhere, they scraped the back door trapping us in, completely destroyed our phone lines etc and the scariest moment was when they literally just missed landing on our neighbours, who were a godsend and helping us, as they began to walk back down the lane. It completely blocked our access, but that’s nothing compared to what others experienced and what could have happened.

Anyway, apologies, that really was one of my waffles, off down memory lane and the purpose of this blog was to share a couple of things with you, so I shall. Firstly, and most importantly, a big Congratulations to our lucky 🍀 draw winner, Audrey Price!! As you may, or may not know, I do regular prize draws to thank those of you who follow and comment on here and the prize this time is a Tattered Lace Snowman Die, featured in the cards below, so I hope you enjoy it Audrey. Good for you and thank you for your continued support.

And, yes folks, you are right – that means there is a new draw and the prize for this one is a lovely Inkylicious Christmas Stamp set. You won’t be disappointed, these are great quality, stamp amazingly well and I love using them, so ‘Good luck’ folks and remember you just need to follow this blog to be eligible. I would love it if you would leave a comment too, so I know if these are helpful or not, but it’s not required. The date for the next draw to win the stamp below will be Friday 25th November, so please share and spread the word 🙂


Right, I did say there was a couple of things to share and the other is my latest monthly kit, this one being ‘Mirri Christmas’, as shown below. I hope you like it.


Kit contents (Available in silver, gold, blue or red):

  • 3 x shaped cards and envelopes:
  • 2 x glittered cones;
  • 5 x assorted wooden hanging shapes (coloured but blank for your own stamps etc);
  • 2 x lanterns (one lined with your colour choice mirri card);
  • Approximately 40 assorted die cuts;
  • 12 half pearl embellishments.


With the 3 cards you can assemble them however you want to and the freedom of this kit allows you to do that either creating your cards as illustrated, or your own design, using as many or as few of the die cuts provided as you like. It is afterall your kit. I love creating these kits and seeing what you do with them, so please do send me photos.


The 5 different hanging shapes will be coloured, in your kit colour choice, but blank for you to stamp/decorate as you choose. My stamps are for illustration purposes only, although if you would like them stamped, do ask. These are coloured both sides, effectively giving you 10 hanging shapes / tree decorations.

Last, but definitely not least, in your kit are the lanterns, or gift boxes (depending on how you want to use them) which are for battery powered tealights, not naked flames……safety first folks 😉 and a couple of large hanging cones in the glitter colour of your pack, so gold, silver, red or blue. Both the lanterns and the cones look amazing glinting in a low light. The cones are available separately too, if you want more or them alone, and work great as tree decorations or as part of a table centrepiece. You really do have so much scope with this kit.

Ok folks, enough from me. As always, thank you for dropping by and good luck in the prize draw. I would really appreciate it if you could please leave a comment so I know whether these are helpful, interesting or not and please do promote this kit by sharing. And, if you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch with me via the contact sheet on here or clicking on the following links:

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How to use your card kits…

Hi Folks, hope you are keeping ok. Well, it’s a cold, dark, dank Monday evening and the News is reporting 2016 as the hottest year yet with global warming etc – not where I live….brrrr! On the plus side though – only 40 days till Christmas…lol 😉


For this blog I want to mention a new Christmas Card Kit coming, as well as a recap on previous ones, incase anyone missed something they might like. I also want to clarify how you can use the kits, as a number of you have asked this. Before that though I would just like to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who has bought card kits to date and for the comments and follows on here. It means alot to me that you take the time to support me.


So, to date I think I have made about 15 Christmas Card Kits and some have been more popular than others. A particular favouite being the all white card above which has also been requested in numerous colours including pink, blue, navy, black, red, green, lilac and many more. I can’t believe how popular it has been, I’m blown away. It has been great for me as I love heat embossing. I never tire of seeing the change to the embossing powder as the heat is applied and there is alot of heat embossing on this card.

Another popular design has been the cute little couple above, which then led to a slight adjustment to design the one beside it, which has also been well received. I have Dianne Waring, a lovely friend and crafter, to thank for that – Dianne liked the cute couple but also requested something else as a centrepiece, the couple not being suitable for all her recipients. That’s another thing I love about designing kits – other crafters visualising different layouts etc and I was asked if it is ok to do the cards in the kits differently to how I set them out and the answer is ‘absolutely’. It’s your kit and you can so whatever you want, either sticking to the layout, changing a few bits or doing a totally different card maybe only using one part of the kit – the choice is yours – have fun, that’s what crafting should be.

As well as cards I also enjoy making boxes, gift bags etc and these too are available in kits, all easily posted flat ready for assembly by yourself, and again you can do an exact replica of the kit or put your own spin on it. Whatever you do I would love to see what you make and even include it on a new page coming of Customer Creations.

All kits can be found at my Facebook page, Cardkitsandbitsbykellypatricia. I am currently working on a new kit which will be a collection of cards, mdf projects and possibly lanterns, that amongst others, incorporate the card and lanterns shown below. The lanterns are already available as a separate kit and I am particularly pleased with the way they look in the dark, it’s amazing the amount of light that the battery operated tealights can generate. Love it.


Ok folks, enough waffle from me, well enough for you, I could probably continue to waffle for England, but that doesn’t help you….lol As always, thank you for dropping by and I hope clarifying has been helpful. I would really appreciate it if you could please leave a comment so I know whether these are helpful, interesting or not. And if you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch with me via the contact sheet on here or clicking on the following FacebookTwitterPinterest or Instagram and until next time – Happy Crafting!!!!


Ombre Heart Plaque

Hi Folks, hope you are keeping well. It’s been an eventful few days here, a sparrowhawk caught in some fencing, rescuing a baby squirrel, I named him Cyril, well at least giving him a fair shot at life and then my Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Polishes arrived, along with a few other goodies. Only a crafter could put that up there with the wild life wonders……lol I have ummmmed and ahhhhhed about getting these for a while and eventually I went for it and I am already in love with them. Such colour, such scope…… They are around £4.99 each, depending where you go, and that might sound alot, but boy a tiny amount goes a very long way and you will find your pot lasts and lasts.

So, when they arrive it says you need to rinse the sponge applicator, which is built into the lid so there is no mess, with a little soapy water. No idea why, but went with it anyway and then it was play time. The colours were so intense so I decided to do a bit of Ombre on one of my heart plaques before stamping a sentiment. Ombre sounds so Mexican to me and a strange word for the technique, it simply means though gradual blending into different colour hues and comes from the French for ‘shaded’…..


Once again I am waffling, so let’s crack on. One of my favourite things about these, apart from the gorgeous colours and ease of application, is there is no need for priming. I have primed things in the past and to be perfectly honest, much prefer the results without and  for these you literally open the lid, get whatever you want to colour from card to canvas, plaques to paper, and off you go. Also a bonus for me as I have no patience, I just want to get in there and get on….:)

So, I chose the 3 colours I wanted to work with – a deep blue, turquoise and green and set to work. I started with the bottom, green colour, no particular reason it’s just as easy to start at the top, and then once I had covered what I wanted in green, I moved onto the turquoise, repeated this process and then the same with the blue. Don’t be afraid about the blend not working, you simply work the colour in at the join and it blends seamlessly. Believe me, if I can do it – anyone can.

It dries very quickly and no sooner had I finished inking I chose the stamps I wanted to use, messed around with different layouts for a minute or two and then stamped straight onto it, so quick and easy. I love the drop shadow effect on text etc, so I went for this with the sentiment by first of all stamping in a slate colour, I find black to be a bit harsh for things like this, and then stamping again over the top, with a tiny move to the right, using silver which really makes it stand out.


And finally I stamped the sunset and girl with balloons in the slate colour before highlighting little sections with the silver. Ta Dah, that’s it, in no time at all you have your finished article.

As well as mdf I was itching to try these out on canvas too, I like working with canvas, and it went on like a dream, applied in seconds, almost immediately drying, so I did 5 little canvasses in different colours, each with a quote. I think things like this make lovely little gifts and lets someone know you care. Below that I have also put a picture of a little hanging heart plaque/bauble I did and, just like the others, it was done in a flash.


Now you may or may not know about me, but I have a condition that effects all my joints and my wrists and shoulders are very weak. For me inking and stamping can be very painful, but I can honestly say these glide on, it’s so easy to apply.

Listen to me, I started out with the intention of sharing what I did with you and sound more like a Cosmic Shimmer promoter, that just goes go show how impressed I am with these, as I don’t normally do this. It really was so quick and easy, without making a great mess (which I normally do when inking etc) and you wouldn’t even know I had used any – definite value for money.


Well,  you’ll be pleased to know that’s it for now from me. Thank you, as always, for dropping by. I would really appreciate it if you could please leave a comment so I know whether these are helpful, interesting or not. And if you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch with me via the contact sheet on here or clicking on the following FacebookTwitterPinterest or Instagram and until next time – Happy Crafting!!!!