Animal Magic

Hi Folks, thanks for joining me today. So, how are you? Keeping well I hope and maybe even all loved up with Valentines only a few hours away! This year it’s just me and my little furball, Alfie. Who am I kidding every year it’s the same – me and the dog, the only change being the number of dogs.


Right then, some of you may know from my FB page, (thank you so much to those of you who left messages – I was overwhelmed at the amount of kindness) that I recently lost one of my little furballs, Milly, almost a year to the day after I lost another, Bertie Boy. I have been coping by having lots of cuddles with my one remaining furball, Alfie, and making some pet cards. The one above I am keeping as I made it in memory of my late furballs, however those below I have decided to offer as my latest card kit for anyone who is interested.


What do you get in the kit? Well it probably won’t surprise you, from looking at the picture above, that this particular kit consists of 6 cards and envelopes. The cards being:

  • 4 x 6 inches square (2 blank, 1 cut out and 1 embossed);
  • 1 x 5 inches square (blank for papering); and
  • 1 x DL (3.9in × 8.2in) blank for papering.

Each kit also comes with blank papers, approximately 40 die cuts, not including all the tiny butterflies, and where embellished with pearl drops, crystals, googly eyes etc these will already be attached to the appropriate die cut.

The stamped sentiments will also already be done and the sentiments are as follows:

  • ‘Pets make paw prints in our hearts’ x 2;
  • ‘Best friends come in all shapes and sizes’ x 2;
  • ‘You are totally pawsome’ x 1; and
  • ‘Every bunny needs some bunny sometime’ x 1

The cards are left blank inside and don’t forget – you can mix and match your die cuts etc as you please and with your own added or not, my examples are just that – ideas of what you can do with the kit. Let your imagination go wild!

How much? Sold as individual card kits each one would be £2.95, a total of £17.70 and if you want to buy individual card kits that is fine, do just ask. However the complete kit of 6 cards, cut and embossed, plus papers, stamped sentiments and 40+ die cuts is £12.50 + 95p postage and packaging. Each kit comes in its own presentation box, so it would also make a great gift and on top of that I am also offering a mystery free gift with each kit – a handbag card kit complete with full instructions, die cuts and embellishments. Which handbag you get and what colour is the mystery!

A real bargain without the free gift, what a bonus!

Well, that’s it from me folks. Thank you, as always, for your support and for dropping by. If you would like to buy a card kit then please contact me via the contact sheet on here, sending an email to or clicking on the links below. I would also really appreciate it if you could please leave a comment through the same options. I think you will be very happy with the kit and I cannot wait to see what you make, so please do send me photos and I will put them up on here and my Facebook page and until next time – Happy Crafting 😊 xx

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