Happy Christmas folks..

Hi Folks, how are you? Well I guess it’s either relaxed, smug, organised and ready for Christmas or a mad, chaotic, last minute Christmas panic. I was the latter. Must admit I have only ever managed once to be organised well in advance and I did feel very smug and pleased with myself. Nowadays though it just seems to sneak up and get you…..lol

Ok, seeing as how Christmas cards have been everywhere on social media, on here too, I have decided it won’t be a Christmas card for my Happy Christmas blog. Instead I am opting for a Wedding card I have just made for a December wedding. Hope you like it.


I didn’t go or festive colours as I was asked for a wedding card for a Cinderella style wedding, so of course I went with the Fairytale ‘Happily ever after’ feel.


I must admit I do like this shape of card, so I use it quite often for special cards, as it gives an opportunity to tell a story and you can include so much detail. I don’t always put the edging across the top, but this occasion called for it and I think it finishes the card well. Thankfully so did the person who asked for it. Anyhow, enough waffle. To get this style simply take your choice of card, this is an 8×8 inch card, and score down the middle of what would be the front of the card if used normally. So that would be at the 4 inch point for me. Then fold the card back on itself along that line and there you have it. Sometimes I will graduate the height, sometimes I won’t, it works both ways and depends how you feel. You go with what works for you.

Being asked to do Cinderella style and a wedding card is great fun for me as I can go all out on the romantic, pink, princess, floral design so I chose a light pink/peach lustre paper for the background and went with a rose embossed design to compliment it. I could then use various shades of pink, peach and white to build up the layers of the card including the floral bouquets.

I was very fortunate with this card in that I had only very recently, say 3-4 weeks ago bought both the word dies and the bride and groom. I got them together in a sale, I do like a bargain, thinking that I would get to use them at some point and whilst I didn’t think it would be so soon, it’s always nice to try new dies out for the first time. I also got to use some real favourites too, so I was happy.

I’m not sure there’s much more to say except I kept the colour palette similar through out in the paler spectrum of pink with a burst of contrast in each section from the bright pink shade. And of course, as always, I have finished off with liquid pearls. I really do believe this attention to detail when embellishing makes all the difference, but, as with all things crafty, it’s a personal preference.

Well, that’s it from me folks. I wish you a wonderful, magical Christmas and a Happy, healthy New Year. Thanks for your support and for dropping by. I look forward to seeing you here in 2017. I would really appreciate it if you could please leave a comment and if you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch with me via the contact sheet on here or clicking on the following links:

FacebookTwitterPinterest or Instagram and until next time – Happy Crafting, Christmas and New Year 😊 xx


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