How to use your card kits…

Hi Folks, hope you are keeping ok. Well, it’s a cold, dark, dank Monday evening and the News is reporting 2016 as the hottest year yet with global warming etc – not where I live….brrrr! On the plus side though – only 40 days till Christmas…lol ūüėČ


For this blog I want to mention a new Christmas Card Kit coming, as well as a recap on previous ones, incase anyone missed something they might like. I also want to clarify how you can use the kits, as a number of you have asked this. Before that though I would just like to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who has bought card kits to date and for the comments and follows on here. It means alot to me that you take the time to support me.


So, to date I think I have made about 15 Christmas Card Kits and some have been more popular than others. A particular favouite being the all white card above which has also been requested in numerous colours including pink, blue, navy, black, red, green, lilac and many more. I can’t believe how popular it has been, I’m blown away. It has been great for me as I love heat embossing. I never tire of seeing the change to the embossing powder as the heat is applied and there is alot of heat embossing on this card.

Another popular design has been the cute little couple above,¬†which then led to a slight adjustment to design the one beside it, which has also been well received. I have Dianne Waring, a lovely friend and crafter, to thank for that – Dianne liked the cute couple but also requested something else as a centrepiece, the couple not being suitable for all her recipients.¬†That’s another thing I love about designing kits – other crafters visualising different layouts etc and I was asked if it is ok to do the cards in the kits differently to how I set them out and the answer is ‘absolutely’. It’s your kit and you can so whatever you want, either sticking to the layout, changing a few bits or doing a totally different card maybe only using one part of the kit – the choice is yours – have fun, that’s what crafting should be.

As well as cards I also enjoy making boxes, gift bags etc and these too are available in kits, all easily posted flat ready for assembly by yourself, and again you can do an exact replica of the kit or put your own spin on it. Whatever you do I would love to see what you make and even include it on a new page coming of Customer Creations.

All kits can be found at my Facebook page, Cardkitsandbitsbykellypatricia. I¬†am currently working on a new kit which will be a collection of cards, mdf projects and possibly lanterns, that amongst others, incorporate¬†the card and lanterns shown below. The lanterns are already available as a separate kit and I am particularly pleased with the way they look in the dark, it’s amazing the amount of light that the battery operated tealights can generate. Love it.


Ok folks, enough waffle from me, well enough for you, I could probably continue to waffle for England, but that doesn’t help you….lol As always, thank you for dropping by and I hope clarifying has been helpful. I would really appreciate it if you could please leave a comment so I know whether these are helpful, interesting or not. And if you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch with¬†me via the contact sheet on here or clicking on the following¬†Facebook,¬†Twitter,¬†Pinterest¬†or¬†Instagram and until next time ‚Äď Happy Crafting!!!!


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