Ombre Heart Plaque

Hi Folks, hope you are keeping well. It’s been an eventful few days here, a sparrowhawk caught in some fencing, rescuing a baby squirrel, I named him Cyril, well at least giving him a fair shot at life and then my Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Polishes arrived, along with a few other goodies. Only a crafter could put that up there with the wild life wonders……lol I have ummmmed and ahhhhhed about getting these for a while and eventually I went for it and I am already in love with them. Such colour, such scope…… They are around £4.99 each, depending where you go, and that might sound alot, but boy a tiny amount goes a very long way and you will find your pot lasts and lasts.

So, when they arrive it says you need to rinse the sponge applicator, which is built into the lid so there is no mess, with a little soapy water. No idea why, but went with it anyway and then it was play time. The colours were so intense so I decided to do a bit of Ombre on one of my heart plaques before stamping a sentiment. Ombre sounds so Mexican to me and a strange word for the technique, it simply means though gradual blending into different colour hues and comes from the French for ‘shaded’…..


Once again I am waffling, so let’s crack on. One of my favourite things about these, apart from the gorgeous colours and ease of application, is there is no need for priming. I have primed things in the past and to be perfectly honest, much prefer the results without and  for these you literally open the lid, get whatever you want to colour from card to canvas, plaques to paper, and off you go. Also a bonus for me as I have no patience, I just want to get in there and get on….:)

So, I chose the 3 colours I wanted to work with – a deep blue, turquoise and green and set to work. I started with the bottom, green colour, no particular reason it’s just as easy to start at the top, and then once I had covered what I wanted in green, I moved onto the turquoise, repeated this process and then the same with the blue. Don’t be afraid about the blend not working, you simply work the colour in at the join and it blends seamlessly. Believe me, if I can do it – anyone can.

It dries very quickly and no sooner had I finished inking I chose the stamps I wanted to use, messed around with different layouts for a minute or two and then stamped straight onto it, so quick and easy. I love the drop shadow effect on text etc, so I went for this with the sentiment by first of all stamping in a slate colour, I find black to be a bit harsh for things like this, and then stamping again over the top, with a tiny move to the right, using silver which really makes it stand out.


And finally I stamped the sunset and girl with balloons in the slate colour before highlighting little sections with the silver. Ta Dah, that’s it, in no time at all you have your finished article.

As well as mdf I was itching to try these out on canvas too, I like working with canvas, and it went on like a dream, applied in seconds, almost immediately drying, so I did 5 little canvasses in different colours, each with a quote. I think things like this make lovely little gifts and lets someone know you care. Below that I have also put a picture of a little hanging heart plaque/bauble I did and, just like the others, it was done in a flash.


Now you may or may not know about me, but I have a condition that effects all my joints and my wrists and shoulders are very weak. For me inking and stamping can be very painful, but I can honestly say these glide on, it’s so easy to apply.

Listen to me, I started out with the intention of sharing what I did with you and sound more like a Cosmic Shimmer promoter, that just goes go show how impressed I am with these, as I don’t normally do this. It really was so quick and easy, without making a great mess (which I normally do when inking etc) and you wouldn’t even know I had used any – definite value for money.


Well,  you’ll be pleased to know that’s it for now from me. Thank you, as always, for dropping by. I would really appreciate it if you could please leave a comment so I know whether these are helpful, interesting or not. And if you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch with me via the contact sheet on here or clicking on the following FacebookTwitterPinterest or Instagram and until next time – Happy Crafting!!!!


4 thoughts on “Ombre Heart Plaque

    • Kelly Patricia's Glitzy Cards says:

      Hi Janet, hope you are ok and managed to get some sleep, sounds like you had a night like mine. You are always so kind about my crafting and it means alot for you to say you are inspired, especially with you being an amazing crafter. So, if added to your wishlist it will soon become happy post 😉 and I look forward to seeing your creations, as always luv’n’hugs your loyal friend Bonkers xxx


  1. Heather Toms says:

    Hi Kelly
    Here goes fingers crossed this comment goes! I love what you’ve done with the gilding polishes they look fabulous. I too have been umming and ahhing about the gilding polishes but now I’m definitely going to get them. I love the shadow stamping I’ve never seen this before so thanks for sharing. What lovely presents these would make.
    Hugs x


    • Kelly Patricia's Glitzy Cards says:

      Oh wow, thank you Heather. Yes they really are as easy to use as the videos show. So glad you like them and the drop shadow too. Would love to see what you make with them. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it. Enjoy your day luv’n’hugs xx


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