Wood work…..

Hi Folks, welcome. Lovely to see you here. Since my last blog a number of you have signed up to follow me, which is great, thank you! That goes for all blog followers, old and new – it means alot. We have had a winner in the first prize drawer, Congratulations Val Jenner, and another is under way. Good luck 🍀 folks.

Ok, so my latest project is a little wooden keepsake box, which I wanted to share with you. I am especially pleased with myself as it is the first time I have properly worked with wood, and not just covered it in papers and card. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that, as you can see from below I have done it a number of times, and will do it again, but now that I have embraced the world of colours and inking there is so much more I want to try. On top of that I even did some beading to frame the photo, get me….lol

This particular box started off with a request for a card, with a photo of the car – his car, for a gentleman who’s wife wanted to say how much she loved him and thank him for his support always, and more recently when she lost her Mum, so sad. I have done cards with motorbikes before, but I wanted something personal, special, so I went rogue and decided on a keepsake box and thankfully she loves it. Well, I thought rather than me coming up with a soppy rhyme, verses are something else I love to do, he could have this keepsake box forever with a personal note / love letter or billet doux, to be technical, written in her own fair hand. (As I sigh wishing something romantic like this would happen to me….lol)

The box itself was a very blonde plain wood, so I inked it up, with several layers of varying browns, to bring out the grain and show off the wood. I dithered on whether to do the inside or not and in the end I decided yes and then lined it with a lovely antique/vintage look paper, after fitting the image to the aperture.

Next I chose to put some wooden beading around the aperture to frame it nicely, so measured and cut this before inking it up and, using a multi purpose adhesive, glued it into position. I had a decent box now, but I wanted to make it a special keepsake, something that stands out and then, knowing they are both big cat fans, I remembered a lovely set of corner cat dies I had recently bought. Perfect for embellishing the corners. I had actually bought them specially as someone asked for a box card for a cat lover and was concerned about whether I would ever use them again, but now my decision is vindicated and I have used them twice already in as many weeks, phew!


To finish off I had thought to use some gold coloured drawing pins to give the look of the corners being tacked in, however my drawing pins are a weird neither silver or gold colour, so next I thought Candi and just colour it. Once positioned though, I always do this before finalising something incase it looks wrong, the natural light green colour of the Candi just worked, so thank goodness I hadn’t coloured them first. And Hey Presto, there you have it. One keepsake box ready for a Billet Doux. The only thing I will be adding is a title along the spine, something like ‘Thank You’ or ‘For You’ and ‘With Love’. 

So that’s it from me folks. I just wanted to show you some of the other papercraft projects I have done using wood and mdf items and how it has evolved. It’s great fun trying these things out and even more rewarding when people receive them as gifts to cherish. I have made clocks, storage pieces, plaques, Christmas Decorations etc. There are lots of options, so I hope I have encouraged you to give it a go. Below are photos of some of the things I have made.

Thanks, as always, for dropping by. If you have any questions or queries, please contact me via the contact sheet on here or FacebookTwitterPinterest orInstagram and until next time – Happy Crafting!!!!


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