August’s Kit of the Month

Fantasy Fun: ‘Airy Fairy’


Hi Folks, welcome and thanks for joining me. Well last month when I posted it was Wimbledon and Brexit fever and now we are in the midst of the Rio Olympics and it’s been quite a success so far, go Team GB!! We have had some sunshine and the gardens are blooming with butterflies galore so, as I have been promising a fairy card kit, I decided to incorporate the 2.


You may notice that this kit is looking rather different in content than the previous ones and that is because I have been thinking of a better and more cost friendly way to do this for everyone. Before I had a ‘Kit of the Month’ and everything relating to that theme went into it, costing around £12, before postage, which isn’t necessarily possible in these times, so I have decided on a ‘Theme of the Month’ and several different kits and sets. This way you have more control over what you choose and don’t have to buy the full kit to get the bits you want. You can also pay in instalments if it easier for you 🙂

Right, one more important point from me and then that’s enough waffling, honestly…lol A few people have asked whether they have to commit to a kit every month and the answer is No, absolutely not. If you like the kits and wish to buy them then great, but I am not going to tie anybody into any sort of commitment. It’s crafting, I want it to be fun for everyone, as it is for me, not force an obligation when finances can change day to day, never mind month to month, so rest assured 🙂

Fairy rocker 2

So, to the kit. What do you get? Well you actually get quite a bargain for the cost. You get everything shown on the card above, including the rocker card blank, as well as all the extras shown in the photo at the top of the page and this includes:

  • 1 x Rocker Card;
  • 3 x Fairy die cuts;
  • 5 x Butterfly die cuts;
  • 8 x Flower die cuts;
  • 1 x Backing paper
  • 1 x Book die cut;
  • 1 x Watering can die cut;
  • 1 x Butterfly bow die cut;
  • 5 x Fairy toppers; and
  • 1 x Wooden Fairy Door.


There’s still quite a lot to this kit which costs £9.75 with all card parts inked and embellished. £8.25 if plain for you to ink etc. Despite postage prices going up, I am determined to try to keep your costs down and therefore I will charge £1 p&p and absorb the remainder myself. To order simply contact me via the contact sheet on here or Facebook.

Remember this is a ‘Theme of the Month’, so there are other fairy related items that can be found for sale at Card Kits and Bits by Kelly Patricia on Facebook. Below gives you an idea of what you can find.

The success of these monthly kits very much depends on the demand for them, so please do share this. Thanks, as always, for dropping by. Take care and in the meantime, if you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact me via the contact sheet on here or FacebookTwitterPinterest or Instagram and until next time – Happy Crafting!!!!


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