Thrifty Gifts…

Hi Folks, welcome back. I hope you are keeping well. Despite two days of continual rain, we have at least had some lovely sunshine, which always makes life seem better, yeah! Although I do have to confess whilst making the most of that sunshine I fell asleep in direct sunlight for 3 hours and now look like a Ready Brek extra!!! lol

Anyway, enough of that waffle – this time I would like to talk about crafting and creating gifts on a budget. Let’s face it everything is so much more expensive these days and we have to be frugal where we can, especially if we are to have any money left to buy crafty goodies which are also on the up…!  Plus, any excuse to craft something and give someone something unique and special, I love creating and giving, and it’s not the cost that matters, but the thought and love put into something.

So, here are a few ideas and the approximate costs of each and time to make. Hope you like them.

Trinket Chest: This little trinket chest I made as a gift for Mother’s Day for my Mum, who was over the moon with it, and I must say as a first attempt I’m quite happy too. This came about as I was trying to think of a way to keep Christmas costs down, yes I have been planning already, and when I saw these plain mdf chests for a bargain price, I had a light bulb moment and bought a load of mdf items in various designs. To be honest it is quite straight forward and the most fiddly bit is measuring the squares and sticking these down. I had this sheet of card left over from a previous card project, so hardly any cost there, then the embellishments are minimal and finally a coat of glitter varnish spray et voila!!

Time: Approximately 45mins. Total cost: including materials, approximately £3.50.

box_large_box_art_no_mans_skySet of 3 canvas: Above is a set of canvasses I was inspired to make when the gorgeous papers arrived, of course they had been on offer, and the digistamp images came free with a magazine. Each canvas is 6×6 inches and the papers used were the same size, so I simply trimmed the edges from these to leave a small border and stuck them to the canvas. Next I chose the corresponding image I wanted to use, cut that down to the size I chose and rounded off the edges with a punch on my paper trimmer. All that remained was to use one contrasting paper for the die cuts and those on all 3 came out of one 6×6 inch square. I personally like to give the canvas a little edge using an easel, they look better and I had a job lot, which I bought online, and the buttons came from a bulk bag I have had for yonks (one of my many technical terms of course!!!)

Time: Approximately 35mins. Total cost: including materials, approximately £5.00. 


Frame: I had the frame above for a few months. It was in a sale and if I see bargains that I know I can make a use of I snap them up and keep them for the right occasion. Just such an occasion presented itself when a dear friend really needed a pick me up and a reminder of how special she is. She was coming to visit so I needed something quick and simple, so for me it was a straightforward choice as the gorgeous detail in the frame saves a lot of work. I simply pulled the appropriate saying out of one of Hunkydory’s Little Books, placed this into the frame, stamped the oval to sit the die cut sentiment in, cut the remaining die cuts, stuck them down and finished with liquid pearls and a spray of glitter varnish. I also used the liquid pearls on the glass to give it texture and dimension. I hope you like it. She did, phew!

Time: Approximately 30 mins. Total cost: including materials, approximately £4.25

Well, that’s enough from me for now folks, thank you, as always, for joining me. I hope this has been useful and given you some ideas. I think you would be hard pushed to find something like any one of these items for the cost it took to make all three. Take care now and in the meantime, if you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact me via the contact sheet on here or FacebookTwitterPinterest or Instagram and until next time – Happy Crafting!!




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